All Types of Best Astrology Tattoos

All Types of Best Astrology Tattoos

Astrology has never been more popular than it is now, thanks to millennials and Gen Z. Along with memes, astrology tattoos are also in demand. From constellations to zodiac symbols, including not-so-obvious options like animals and planets, a zodiac tattoo can say a lot about you.

A unique and meaningful piece of jewelry will truly represent you, and it’s unlikely you’ll change your mind since your birthdate doesn’t change. 

Our experts Missy based in Brooklyn and Dillon Forte based in Hollywood know the best way to approach each sign. Scroll on for timeless tattoo ideas based on your astrological sign don’t worry, there are multiple designs for each.

Aries Astrology Tattoo

Symbolically, Aries is represented as a V with curved tips, the first sign of the zodiac. According to Isabella Almaleh, a Texas-based tattoo artist, the ram is also a symbol of fire.

Added a wreath of long, slender leaves around the piece, and she added a crescent moon surrounded by a shadow of dot work. As for the fiery sign, the color of the ink is appropriate. 

Taurus Of  Astrology Tattoo

There are many ways to illustrate the earth sign Taurus. A circle with a wavy line surrounding its top is the symbol for the sign. Marissa Monroe, a New York City-based artist, drew the bull with precision below, as another option. She focused on just the bull’s head and made it whimsical and almost cartoon-like. Around the head and on the eyes are pink and black stars. The tiny star hanging from the animal’s nose ring is vibrant pink, an excellent example of how to add a small touch of color to your tattoo. 

 Astrology Tattoo of Cancer 

The crab is a sea animal that appears to represent the water sign Cancer. Six and nine looks like they’re sitting right next to each other in its symbol.

This Cancer-inspired tattoo was created by New York City-based tattoo artist Sophie C’est La Vie. There is a beautiful blend of pastels, cobalt blue, and navy blue on the crab’s body. La Vie often likes to incorporate florals into her pieces, which is why there’s a flower right below the sea animal. She added stars, leaves, and a moon to this serene piece. 

 Astrology Tattoo of Leo

This sign’s symbol is a majestic lion, as its name implies. Leo’s symbol is a circle with a curved line that juts out from the side and hooks at its end. As a representation of the fire sign, Almaleh used a lioness. This large cat’s eyes seem to stare right into your soul thanks to the attention to detail. Around the cat and florals, she added patterns of dots, circles, and fine lines. 

Libra of  Astrology Tattoo

A horseshoe upside down on top of a line is Libra’s symbol. As a symbol of balance, the scales symbolize this air sign instead of an animal. The scales were depicted by Vonne as a naked woman with a third eye. With a head full of gorgeous curls, this woman holds a celestial body in each hand: the sun in her left hand and a crescent moon in her right. 

 Astrology Tattoo of Scorpio 

 The Astrology Tattoo of Scorpio was misunderstood; what better creature to represent it than a scorpion? An arrow extends from the tip of its cursive M, which is symbolized by its symbol. A venomous arachnid is of course a favorite of many Scorpios. The one below is a perfect example. 

Sagittarius  Astrology Tattoo

For this reason, Saint Thomas recommends arrow tattoos as a symbol of the fire sign Sagittarius. It’s also represented by an archer, but this archer is a mythical centaur, a creature that is half-man, half-horse. 

In Almaleh’s interpretation, the sign is represented by a heart-shaped arrow and bow, but it is held by a cherub. Against a detailed rose, a curly-haired baby stands. To complete the tattoo, she adorned it with tiny stars as details. 

Astrology Tattoo of Capricorn

The mythological sea goat symbolizes Capricorn even though it is an earth sign, having a goat’s body and a fish’s tail. There is a loop at the end of a lowercase N symbol. La Vie drew the skeleton of a sea goat on her client’s shoulder, but it’s merely the skeleton of the creature. A crown of flowers was added around its horns.

Aquarius  Astrology Tattoo

The last of the air signs is Aquarius. An easy way to incorporate it into body art is to use two short parallel zig-zag lines. Water bearers are healers who pour water on land to rehydrate it. Using their needles, Romania-based tattoo artist Dishy inked a colorful rendition of the water bearer onto the skin of one of their clients. The hues in this piece are so magnificent and vibrant that the mermaid’s scales appear to be sparkling. She added an ombré effect to the stars, leaves, the tail, and even the water. 

Astrology Tattoo of Pisces 

The last of the water signs are Pisces. There is a line running through the middle of two Cs facing opposite directions. Almost like a yin and yang symbol, Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Liv Northy’s tattoo depicts two fish moving in opposite directions. A colorful purple and blue pigment was dipped into the tattoo gun for this serene design. Due to their lengthy, detailed tails, the small fishes appear to be swimming on the client’s skin. They used the same two colors to add the Pisces constellation right underneath the animals. 


What are the rules of tattoos in astrology?

According to Rex E Bills’ highly respected book “The Rulership”, tattoos are ruled by Mars and Saturn, as well as Neptune. Since tattoos are permanent, this would explain the correlation to Saturn.

What is the best way to choose a tattoo based on your zodiac sign?

Aries. Constellation of Stars.
Taurus. A Glyph.
Gemini. Facial line art.
Cancer. Crab Line Art.
Leo. The constellation of stars.
Virgo. Wheat.
Libra. A scale.
Scorpio. Scorpion Line Art.

What is tattoo activation in Astrology?

Tattoos & Astrology Wherever you get a tattoo, you activate that particular house in your birth chart. It consists of the following parts: 1H: Head 2H: Face 3H: Arms, shoulders 4H: Chest, Back 5H: Naval 6H: Below the Naval 7H: Around the Genitals 8H: Ass 9H: Thighs 11H: From knee to ankle 12H: Feet.

Which tattoo gives positive energy?

God Ganesha. Ganesh tattoos attract positive energy in the same way that lion-dog tattoos do.