Best Cross Wings Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

Best Cross Wings Tattoo

A cross with angel wings traditionally symbolizes the passing of a loved one or a near-death experience. 
In addition to being reserved for Christians, its symbolism and meaning are universally recognized, accepted, and used by people of all backgrounds and persuasions. 
In addition to being a powerful symbol of faith, love, and devotion, it gives strength to the wearer. 

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The tattoo depicts a cross with wings in black and white.
17 x 15 cm (A5) is the size of a tattoo

Religious freedom is beautifully symbolized by a cross with wings tattooed.

In religious tattoos, crosses and angel wings are common elements expressing a variety of meanings, all related to faith. In combination, these two can create a striking tattoo design that does more than just convey religious values.

Christians proudly wear cross tattoos as a symbol of their faith in Jesus Christ. Tattoo wearers often add personalized meanings to their tattoos by incorporating angel wings that complement the cross shape. Christian faith is explored through angel wings and the cross. Guardians can be represented by combining the two.

With wings, your simple cross tattoos will look more striking than without wings. Added wings to cross tattoos help maintain their religious significance while achieving the majestic look many people desire. A cross with wings tattoos can be the most fitting religious tattoos for Christian believers looking to feel closer to their faith. As a reminder of your faith in the Almighty or as a tribute to loved ones who have passed on to heaven, you people can express your prayers through a cross with wings tattoos.

Here are some tattoo recommendations for Christians looking for cross with wings tattoos! We have a variety of cross-wing designs for you to choose from. Check them out and find inspiration for your next tattoo!

Cross Wings Tattoo Ideas-meaning

Cross Tattoo With Angel Wings

This tattoo depicts an angel sitting over the cross with its wings spread across it. This takes the cross with wings tattoo theme to a whole new level. In this tattoo design, detail designs and art styles are derive from Catholic religious architecture. To add to the tattoo’s vintage charm, basic colors are used to represent oxidized crosses with wings, with white highlights to enhance its overall appeal.

With intricate designs incorporating religious references, the vintage cross with wings tattoos represents ancient Catholic structures. With detailed illustrations, the tattoo artists captured the vintage feel of this rich cross instead of using a simple cross.

Chest Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Broad

Tattoos with angel wings look magnificent when spanning across a wide area and displaying their intricacy. In this tattoo, the cross is depicte as a guardian figure with wing and subtle light illuminates the tattoo. This is to symbolize attaining enlightenment. Tattoos are the best way to celebrate Christian symbolism and its meaning. You might not want to replicate these majestic tattoos on your neck or arm, as they are best suited to your chest or back. With subtle black and gray shades, the tattoo delivers an illuminating effect, which further enhances its beauty.

Amazing Enlightenment Cross Tattoos for Men

There is nothing a Christian tattoos lover wants more than a tattoos design featuring a cross and angel wings! As an expression of your countless prayers sent to heaven, the tattoos incorporates wings, a cross, enlightenment, and a rosary. The most common cross tattoo ends with a bold, black cross sign. Unlike usual notions, the tattoo portrays religious symbols and detailed Christian beliefs!

A reverent illustration on skin honors the sacrifice of the guardian angel, Jesus Christ. Flowers can also enhance sacrifice symbols.

Cross Tattoo With Wings Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos narrate stories without detailed illustrations. In tribal style, a cross with wings is a great choice for those who want simple yet striking tattoos. Simple crosses with minimal designs are feature on the tattoo, keeping its essence authentic while conveying religious freedom.

Although the tattoos doesn’t feature colors, the cross and angel wings are highlighte with clever shading techniques. A tattoo design doesn’t require much space, so you can wear it on your wrist, neck, or arm. This will make a subtle statement about your beliefs.

Dedicated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design

It is a special thing to have a memorial tattoo created in memory of someone who has passed away. Having a cross tattoo design encapsulates the same idea of praying to reach heaven safely as the featured tattoo. A black and white angel wings tattoos depicts the memory of a dear one with a cross and angel wings. It also has its name inscribed on the front. It can symbolize your hope for the passed loved one to reach heaven safely with their guardian angel. can also imply your never-ending connection with them. Anyone can support such dedication pieces in memory of their loved ones with Christian tattoos.

Tattoo Design of a Black Sketch Cross With Angel Wings

It is easy to create diverse tattoo designs with different meanings by combining abstract wings tattoo designs. Tattoos like the one above with sketchy wings explore a similar theme. To illustrate the highs and lows of the illustrated wings, the tattoo artist has used an alternative coloring style to the typical neat, bold outlines.

Unlike the usual optimistic religious meaning people seek from tattoo designs, the tattoo artist intended this design to convey a darker message. Tattoo artists can use different styles on any part of the body due to cross-tattoos’ versatility.

Small Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo Design

With its crooked wing tattoo design, the cross with wings tattoo above aims to convey similar meanings. The illustration features a simple cross tattoo, but its intricately drawn wings have lost one side, stealing all the attention. This tattoo design depicts a cross with one wing, symbolizing a fallen angel, as well as Jesus’ sacrifice and life.

Despite adding a slight shade to the cross and wings using a grainy coloring technique, the tattoo remains true to its original form.

Cross With Wings Tattoo and Thorns

In shades of deep black and gray, the tattoos features a Gothic take on the cross with wings. Another well-sculpted cross is create inspire by old Catholic structures. In addition to angels and crosses, the tattoo displays fierce energy through its majestic wings.

Tattoos consist of thorns reaching for wings, creating an image of thorns slowly reaching for wings to bind them. As a tribute to Jesus Christ, whose free soul was slashed down, the tattoo can be understood as a dedication to his life. No matter what battle you face, this tattoo will remind you to keep striving through hardships.

Cross With Wings Tribal Tattoos

We have another tribal tattoo for you on our list, featuring a cross and wing tattoo design. To represent your undying belief in your faith, get this striking tattoos of cross wings on your arm, neck, forearm, or wrist.

Christians love tattoo basic design. Christian symbols, such as roses, birds, and crosses, can provide personalized meanings. If you’d like to add a rose cross with wings tattoos to your tattoo collection, you might want to consider it!

Colorful Illustrated Cross With Wings Tattoo Design

On our list of unique tattoo designs, the cross tattoo stands out due to its distinctive design, intricate details, and vibrant colors. Having a bejeweled cross tattoo is not something you see often. The design can be customize according to your preferences with unique colors and jewels.

Though the tattoo is cohesive enough to wear as it is, it can be enhance with other Christian elements such as a rosary.

We recommend these cross-wing tattoos as some of our favorite finds. Your tattoo design can always be customize with components to express your faith in an entirely creative way.

To inspire your next religious tattoo, here are more cross and wings designs!

  • Cross tattoos with wings and Jesus
  • Fallen angel wings tattoo with rose
  • Embraced by roses and thorns, a cross tattoo design has wings
  • Cross with wings tattoo on wrist with flowers
  • Cross with wings tattoo design forearm.

Cross Tattoo With Bible Verse Inside

Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else created by God can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Realistic Rosary Beads Cross

A stunningly crafted piece of art, this realistic rosary beads cross will add sophistication and faith to any home. An antique silver finish adorns this intricately designed crucifix, making it an excellent addition to any religious collection. For someone special who values spirituality, this thoughtful item makes an excellent gift. It comes in a velvet pouch for safekeeping.

Celtic Cross With Knots and Wings

The Celtic Cross Tattoos is a beautiful and meaningful design with knots and wings. Faith is symbolize by the cross, while eternity, unity, and strength are symbolize by intricate knotwork. An element of protection and freedom is added to this timeless tattoo with wings. For those seeking an eye-catching way to express spirituality, this stunning combination is a popular choice.


What does a cross with wings symbolize?

Traditionally, a cross with angel wings signifies the passing of a loved one or a near-death experience. There are people of all backgrounds and persuasions who recognize, accept, and use its symbolism and meaning as well.

What is the significance of a wings tattoo?

In religious and mythological texts, wings hold a special place for both land and sea creatures. Wings represent many ideas related to freedom, dreams, and faith, and are an essential component of angels, birds, and bats.

Do wings represent strength?

Courage, Strength, Love, Understanding, Freedom, and Victory are all symbolized by wings!

Where is the most appropriate location for a cross tattoo?

Cross tattoos are best done on the arms, fingers, chest, back, and wrist.

What are the main wings types?

Bird wings can be divided into four general types: passive soaring, active soaring, elliptical wings, and high-speed wings.