Kiss Tattoo Designs-Ideas and Their Meanings (Lip Kiss)

Lip Kiss Tattoo

Kiss tattoo designs tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is that they can be easily applied anywhere on your body.

Neck, arms, wrists, waist, buttocks, and breasts – no part of the body is ‘not suitable’ for a kiss or a lip tattoo. 

Color doesn’t matter – full coloring, shaded edges, blackwork, or dotted technique – every tattoo artist gets requests for kiss lips tattoos on a regular basis.

Images of Kiss tattoo designs, particularly female lips, depict intimate and erotic activities in a color or pattern associated with passion. It usually appears as though someone has just kissed the owner’s body wherever the lip tattoo is placed.

Tattoos of this design are usually placed on the back of the neck or the bicep, but they can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

Here Are Some Ideas and Designs for Creative Kiss Tattoos.

Kiss Tattoo Meaning

There are many lips tattoo meanings and tattoo lips designs you can choose from. 

Women’s lips are often tattooed in a color or pattern and are associated with passion. The lips tattoo will usually be in color and look as if someone just Kiss tattoo designs the tattoo owner while wearing lipstick.

In counterculture, red lips, usually open-mouthed, symbolize attraction to erotica and sex. However, the image of open-mouth lips can transcend sexual connections! The open lips can represent communication and verbal discussion, while the closed lips can symbolize the inability to communicate. 

A lip print tattoo symbolizes a relationship. Tattoo holders can use lip prints as a reminder of their relationship with their partners. Sometimes we can see both people in the relationship with matching lips tattoos, which can represent a romantic bond between them.
Kiss tattoo designs have a variety of meanings, as we mentioned earlier. The meaning and design of a tattoo are very personal, and those who get lip tattoos will give them their own personal meanings.

Kiss Tattoo Ideas for Guys

There are many different kiss tattoo ideas that work well for guys, depending on their personal style and preferences. Here are some ideas.

  1. Traditional Lip Print Tattoo: A simple and classic design, a lip print tattoo is popular for guys. It can be done in black ink or colored ink and placed on any part of the body.
  2. Skull and Lips Tattoo: For a more edgy or alternative look, a skull and Kiss tattoo designs tattoo can be a cool option. This design combines the traditional kiss image with a skull, giving it a unique and eye-catching twist.
  3. Kiss Mark with a Quote: Adding a quote or phrase to a kiss tattoo can make it more personal and meaningful. For example, a kiss mark with the phrase “Forever Yours” or “Always and Forever” can be a romantic and sentimental option.
  4. Lips with a Dagger Tattoo: Another option for guys who prefer a more masculine design is a lip with a dagger tattoo. This design features a dagger piercing through lips, adding danger to the traditional kiss image.
  5. Kissing Couple Tattoo: A Kiss tattoo designs couple tattoo can be a beautiful way to symbolize a relationship. This design can be done in a realistic style or a more stylized, graphic style, depending on the individual’s preference.

Ultimately, the most appropriate Kiss tattoo designs idea for a guy will depend on his personal style, interests, and the meaning he wants to convey with the tattoo.

All lips long for kisses. This couple is more upfront about things. This piece has lots of character thanks to the quirky lip bite and a few sketch lines.  A lover’s lip tattoo if there ever was one.

Lip Kiss Tattoo

The meaning of a lip Kiss tattoo designs can vary depending on the individual’s personal interpretation and the specific design of the tattoo. However, a lip kiss tattoo symbolizes romance, intimacy, and love. It can also represent passion, desire, and attraction.

Some people get a lip Kiss tattoo designs to symbolize a particular relationship or moment in their life. Others may simply appreciate the design for its aesthetic value. Lip kiss tattoos can be designed in a variety of styles, from simple black ink outlines to more elaborate designs featuring color, shading, and additional elements such as flowers or quotes.

Overall, a lip kiss tattoo is a popular and meaningful choice for anyone who wants to express their love or passion through body art.

This time in a lavish linework display, it is another innocent yet seductive lip bite. It looks better the further you get from the screen, something about this piano key pattern.

Kiss Tattoo on Hand

  1. Simple Lip Print: A simple and classic design, a lip print tattoo on the hand can be a subtle way to express your romantic side.
  2. Couples’ Kiss: If you are in a romantic relationship, getting a matching kiss tattoo for your partner can be a beautiful way to symbolize your love. You can get a design that incorporates both handprints, with a kiss in between.
  3. Heart-Shaped Lips: A fun and playful option, a heart-shaped lip tattoo can be an excellent choice for those who want a more creative design. The lips can be colored red or pink to stand out.
  4. Scripted Kisses: Adding a quote or phrase to your kiss tattoo can make it more personal and meaningful. For example, you can get a kiss tattoo with the word “love” written in the script above or below it.
  5. Watercolor Kiss: A watercolor Kiss tattoo designs on the hand can be beautiful and artistic. The colors can be blended together to create an original and eye-catching design.

Cover-up Kiss Tattoo Ideas

If that “oops, I think this tattoo just made my day” moment just happened to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you have a kiss tattoo that you no longer want or want to cover up, there are several options available to you. Here are some kiss tattoo cover-up ideas:

  1. Floral Cover-up: Adding flowers or other natural elements around or over the kiss tattoo can be a beautiful and effective way to cover it up. The flowers can be designed to incorporate the original tattoo or simply covers it up.
  2. Geometric Cover-up: A geometric design can be a cool and modern way to cover up a kiss tattoo. This can be done by using geometric shapes or lines to create an original design that covers the original tattoo.
  3. Animal Cover-up: Adding an animal design to the kiss tattoo can be a fun and creative way to cover it up. For example, you can get a tattoo of a lion or a tiger’s face that covers the kiss tattoo.
  4. Sleeve Cover-up: A sleeve tattoo can be a great way to cover up a kiss tattoo on the arm or wrist. This can be a more comprehensive approach, covering the entire arm or wrist with an updated design that incorporates the old tattoo.
  5. Blackout Cover-up: A blackout tattoo involves covering up the old design with solid black ink. This can be a dramatic and effective way to conceal an old tattoo.

The most effective Kiss tattoo designs cover-up ideas will depend on the size, location, and design of the original tattoo, as well as your personal preferences and the desired outcome. It is imperative to work with an experienced tattoo artist who can help you choose the right cover-up design for your needs.

Neck Kiss Tattoos

The neck tattoos are definitely one of the most popular body art choices. Lips kiss tattoos look great on the neck as well. It is also interesting that a kiss tattoo on the neck area fits perfectly for both men and women. 

A kiss tattoo on the shoulder is one of the best places to get a bold and trendy design. When wearing a t-shirt or shirt, you can hide it well, but when wearing a cold-shoulder dress or top, you can flaunt it. Most shoulder kiss tattoos are requested by women, but men can also do it well. 

Forearm & Arm Kiss Tattoos

The forearm and upper arm are also suitable body spots for lip and kiss tattoos. You can play around with designs, styles, and colors to add spice to your tattoos.

For white-collar office workers, however, it may not be a good idea to get a forearm or upper arm kiss tattoo. We absolutely support your choice, but it’s a good idea to reconsider before making a final decision if that’s your choice.

The color black may not seem like the right choice for your lips kiss tattoo, but it works well.

Black lips are synonymous with a perfect appearance and impart curiosity to the on-looker. This design is right for you if you have a mystical vibe to your personality. 

Calf & Thigh Kiss Tattoos

Similarly, the calf or the thigh is also a suitable place for kiss tattoos. 

Experiment with styles such as a cherry or a bullet in the mouth to upgrade your look. You can wear such tattoos with short dresses or even dresses with high slits if you’re a woman. You can draw more attention to your tattoos with a cherry or a bow in red colors. For a vampire-like effect, you can also shape up the teeth a bit.

Watercolor Kiss Tattoo

There will be a similar design done by Georgia later on down the list, but rest assured, it is a different design. We thought you wouldn’t mind a little repetition since this concept was just too cool. Check out Georgia’s Instagram page to see what she’s been creating recently.

Kiss Tattoo on Chest

Lips kiss tattoos can also be done on the buttocks and chests/breasts as previously mentioned. Such seductive and erotic tattoos are perfect for these places. I’m looking forward to seeing tattoos when you finally bring them out.

Due to their sensitive skin, many people refrain from getting kiss tattoos on private areas of the body. Make sure your skin is tight and strong enough to withstand a tattoo before you get one.

 The tongue seductively tracing the corners of the lips or a biting lip are just some of the ways you can add style to your lip kiss tattoo. As shown in the examples above, you should choose a monochrome design. Consider using contrasting colors such as blue or green if you’re looking to experiment with colors. This will make your tattoo stand out more. In addition, such tattoos look amazing with cold shoulder dresses and cute thigh-high shorts. 

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Couple Kiss Tattoo

Tattoos with two kisses can have different meanings depending on their design and interpretation. However, generally speaking, a couple of kiss tattoo is a symbol of love, romance, and intimacy between two people in a romantic relationship. It can also represent commitment and devotion to each other.

Some couples get matching couple kiss tattoos. This can symbolize their love for each other and their commitment to their relationship. The design may feature a simple outline of two lips pressed together or more elaborate designs that incorporate other symbols or elements.

Overall, a couple of kiss tattoo is an elegant and meaningful way for couples to express their love for each other and celebrate their relationship.

Generally, people assume that kiss tattoos are not ‘decent’ or ‘conservative.’ However, the following pictures prove that this is not necessarily the case.

You can easily transform a kiss tattoo into something cute and sweet by placing it at the right spot on your body, using the right colors, and styling it a certain way. There are multiple ways to style a tattoo. 

Red Kiss Tattoo Mean

Tattoos Red kiss symbolize passion, love, and romance. The color red is often associated with strong emotions, particularly those related to love and desire, making it a popular choice for kiss tattoos.

Red kiss tattoos can also represent sensuality and sexuality, as they are often seen as a sign of intimacy and attraction. Some people choose a red kiss tattoo to express their love for a particular person. They also choose to commemorate a special relationship or moment in their life.

In some cases, a red kiss tattoo may have a more specific meaning depending on the individual’s personal interpretation or the specific design of the tattoo. However, overall, a red kiss tattoo is a popular and meaningful choice for anyone who wants to express their passionate and romantic side through body art.

Kiss Tattoo Temporary Ideas

Temporary kiss tattoos can be a fun and playful way to express your love or passion without committing to a permanent design. Here are some temporary kiss tattoo ideas.

  1. Lipstick Kiss: A simple and classic design, a lipstick kiss tattoo can be a great choice for a temporary tattoo. You can use red or pink lipstick to create a kiss print.
  2. Glitter Kiss: Adding glitter to your kiss tattoo can make it more festive and fun. You can use glitter glue or glitter powder to create sparkling effects.
  3. Metallic Kiss: Metal kiss tattoos can be cool and trendy. You can use metallic temporary tattoo ink or metallic body paint to create a shiny finish.
  4. Customized Kiss: You can create a customized kiss tattoo by using a stencil or drawing your own design. You can add elements like hearts, stars, or quotes to make it more personal.

Temporary kiss tattoos can be applied using temporary tattoo paper or transfer sheets. They typically last for a few days to a week and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.


We have mentioned several times throughout this article why it is imperative to answer the following questions before getting a kiss lips tattoo.

Do you want a kiss tattoo?

What part of your body would you like the tattoo done on?

Do you think it will be comfortable for you?

You can use contrasting colors like black and pink, add words, etc., with the tattoo design. Kiss lips tattoos can convey subtle messages, tell your life story, and express your feelings without anyone understanding. You can spice it up by adding props like candies, beads, the tongue, or anything else you like. To create a bold effect, use some shading. 

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be confined to one part of your body. If you feel comfortable, you can extend it to the entire arm or leg using the props suggested. Your looks will only improve a couple of notches if you get these bold and loud tattoos. Get inked, and flaunt your lip kiss tattoo like there’s no tomorrow.


Where is the best place for a kiss tattoo?

It is no secret that the neck is the most popular spot for getting tattoos. On the neck, the lips kiss tattoo looks good. Also, it is interesting to note that kiss tattoos on the neck are suitable for both men and women. A bold and trendy kiss tattoo design is best applied to the shoulder.

How long does lip tattooing last?

Benefits of permanent lip makeup tattoos
“It can generally last for three to five years, depending on the depth of color and amount of pigment used,” says Amy Jean, owner of Amy Jean Brow Agency and the artist who tattooed Chloe Morello’s lips.

Is a lip tattoo safe?

Mouth tattoos are not recommended because they can harm your health. The dangers of mouth tattoos are greater than those of any other tattoo. Mouth tattoos are placed on soft tissue, not on the skin. As a result, it is extremely difficult to cover, protect, and keep clean.

What are the disadvantages of lip tattoos?

Because of the moisture and bacteria inside the mouth, inner-lip tattoos are most susceptible. There is scarring. If a lip tattoo doesn’t heal properly, it may scar. Scar tissue can also develop at the tattoo site as a result of allergic reactions and infections post-tattooing.