Loyalty Tattoo Ideas and It’s All Types

Loyalty Tattoo Ideas and It’s All Types

Tattoos are a great way to show your loyalty to others. When someone is loyal to them, they will often go above and beyond for them and will often expect the same from them. Make a commitment to others permanently with a loyalty tattoo.

Those who are family-oriented and in a relationship tend to get these tattoos. Tattoos with a loyalty theme can be matched or complementary. It is not necessary to only have the word loyalty tattooed on you. Tattoos are a fantastic way to represent loyalty in many cultures. If you are loyal, it does not have to mean something like someone else’s tattoo; it can mean something unique to you.

Best Placement for Loyalty Tattoo

Choosing the right placement for your loyalty tattoo is as important as choosing the design. If you’re considering getting a loyalty tattoo, here are some considerations.

  • How does it look? This is the first thing you should consider. The artist will generally put a stencil on the area before putting in the ink, ensuring you like the placement. You can also draw on yourself in liquid eyeliner beforehand to see how it looks.
  • Consider size. Small tattoos suit certain areas of the body, whilst broader designs suit others. Even the best tattoo artists are not able to create intricate designs on a small surface.
  • The Level of Pain You Can Tolerate. The amount of pain you are able to handle will vary from one area to another, as some are much more painful than others. Consider starting small before moving on to a larger design. Remember, no tattoo is 100% painless!
  • Do you want a visible tattoo or something hidden? In a job that doesn’t accept tattoos, you may wish to hide it from family members or it may have a very personal meaning. Also, consider if you want to see your tattoo as some areas may be difficult to see.
  • Don’t rush the choice. Make your decision carefully and without feeling rushed. Don’t rush into getting the wrong tattoo. It’s better to take your time and find the best tattoo for you.

Chrysanthemum Tattoos

In different cultures and countries, chrysanthemums symbolize many different things. Loyalty, devotion, and friendship are associated with this beautiful flower. Mother’s Day is celebrated in Australia with chrysanthemums. You can show your loyalty to your mother by getting this tattoo.

 Sunflower Tattoo

Clytie and Apollo’s myth symbolizes loyalty through sunflowers. Clytie was the beloved of Apollo in Greek mythology. After falling in love with her, Apollo quickly fell in love with someone else. As a result of Clytie’s jealousy, Leucothoe’s father buried her alive because he found out about the relationship. Her love for Apollo remained the same even after he turned her into a flower. In much the same way that sunflowers turn towards the sun, she spent most of her days watching him move the sun across the sky.

Wolf Tattoos

Almost everyone connects with the spirit of wolves, which is why wolf tattoos are popular. Family loyalty is symbolized by wolves. An emotional attachment can be formed quickly and firmly by this animal solely based on instincts. When they make emotional designs, they trust their hearts.

Loyalty Writing Tattoos

Getting the word loyalty tattooed on your body is a simple way to show your loyalty. Italics, bold cursive, and delicate italics are just some of the fonts available to you. All body parts can be neatly covered with writing tattoos.

Family and respect are often paired with the word loyalty, according to many people. Loyalty can also be incorporated into a larger tattoo design, creating a whole-themed piece.

Japanese Loyalty Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are bright and beautiful. As a result of its association with the Yakuza gang, tattooing had a negative reputation in Japan. It was once illegal to get tattooed because gang members had tattoos as a sign of loyalty. Japan’s tattooing is now regarded as one of the best in the world in the 21st century.

Loyalty Over Love Tattoo

Many people live by this motto and phrase: Loyalty over Love. Loyalty is viewed as the superior form of love because people respect those who are loyal to them more than those who love them.

Over Royalty Tattoo

People often use this motto to indicate the importance of loyalty over money and power. A phrase like this is often use by family members who want to remember their roots.

Family Loyalty Tattoo

Family and loyalty are connected for many people, whether they are their blood family or their chosen family. Get a tattoo showing family loyalty to tie the two together. In this way, you can express what family means to you through writing or something else.

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. It is easy to raise them as family members because they are loyal animals. You can keep a memory of your pet forever by having a portrait artist recreate an image of it. An outline of your favorite breed or something more minimalistic may also be a good option.

Phoenix Tattoo

Japanese tattooing is popular due to the bird’s symbolic meaning of death, rebirth, and birth. As a home décor item, they serve as a guarantee to guests that you will always be honest and loyal to them. A number of flame designs incorporate these powerful mythic creations.

Claddagh Tattoo

Two hands hold a crowned heart in the Claddagh, an Irish symbol. Hearts symbolize love, crowns symbolize loyalty, and hands symbolize friendship and trust. This symbol dates back to the 1700s and is usually used as a symbol of marriage or engagement.

Handshake Tattoo

American tradition is incredibly popular with handshake tattoos. Trust, loyalty, and agreement are symbolized by two hands coming together. Despite the fact that some tattoos depict a hand and a snake shaking, symbolized by deception.

Two Golden Fish Tattoo

It is traditionally believed that the two golden fish represent loyalty and harmony in Tibetan Buddhism, while the sea is considered to be a place of suffering. As part of the Buddhist auspicious symbols, the golden fish duo is considered auspicious. Newlyweds will traditionally receive gifts like vases with golden fishes.

Pikorua Tattoo

Symbolizing loyalty and friendship, the pakora is a Maori symbol. In spite of the fact that there are several variations, the figure eight shape with double or triple twists is the most recognized. Twisting a single time symbolizes a partnership between two people. Twisting it twice or three times represents a family or group, or even an entire culture.

Loyalty Arm Tattoo

The bicep is a good place to get a tattoo if you aren’t interested in showing it off. You can choose a size that flatters you yet is easy to cover. Considering its muscular tissue, it shouldn’t hurt as much as other parts of the body.

In addition to the fact that the forearms are a great place for all kinds of tattoo designs and the pain is moderate, forearm tattoos are also popular. This area is ideal for tattoos with long, thin designs and even portraits.

Loyalty Neck Tattoo

The side of the neck is a good place for symbols and medium-sized tattoos. The popularity of these tattoos has increased among both sexes in recent years. It is possible to design a large collar tattoo on the neck if you choose a bold design.

It is also popular to massage the back of your neck, under your hairline. Hair and collared shirts can easily hide this from view. It’s better suited to smaller designs.

Loyalty Chest Tattoo

There is no better place to get inked than on the chest. Tattoos on the chest are popular among guys, especially for creating necklace-like patterns, while others prefer huge designs that cover the entire chest. There is generally more pain in the collar and sternum than in the other parts of the body.

Loyalty Wrist Tattoo

Most loyalty tattoos are placed on the wrist, especially on women. It will hurt more if you have bonier wrists. In addition to wrist tattoos, small, delicate designs can be incorporated into full sleeves.

Back Loyalty Tattoo

Getting big design pieces is easy on the back since it is flat and expansive. The top of the back is also a popular place for writing tattoos. When working in an industry where tattoos aren’t popular, back tattoos are easy to cover.

Loyalty Stomach Tattoo

A loyalty stomach tattoo is an excellent way to show off your six-pack. Depending on the design, it can extend to the chest or the hips and thighs.

In recent years, hand tattoos have become more popular as tattoo acceptance has increased. When adorned with small designs, it looks fantastic, despite being quite a painful area. The back of the hand is often inked with writing or small images, the finger can be inked with simple designs or the side can be tattoo with elongated line.

Leg tattoos look equally stylish on either gender. As the needle will not be touching the bone, thigh tattoos are probably one of the least painful. There is more pain in the calf further down. It is easy to make bold, colorful designs in both areas.


What tattoo signifies loyalty?

The couple will always stick together no matter what – even if it means sacrificing themselves for their family. The wolf tattoo is a great choice if you want to represent loyalty

Should you stick with one tattoo artist?

People whose skins are inked by only one artist will benefit from their reputation. Customer loyalty is a sign of good service and incredible talent at the same shop. Loyal customers will spread the word of the artist’s abilities, improving both the individual’s and their establishment’s income

What symbolic color is loyalty?

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. It is the sky’s color.

What symbol is used for loyalty?

Coats of arms have also often featured the heart symbol. Symbolizing love, valor, loyalty, kindness, and other concepts, the heart can serve many purposes. When depicted surrounded by flames or thorns, hearts can also have a religious connotation.