The Meaning and Ideas of All 8-Pointe Star Tattoos

Eight Pointe Star Tattoos

The meaning and ideas of all 8 pointed star tattoo

Many cultures have different meanings for the 8-point star tattoo.  Each culture believes that its concept of the eight-pointed stars is the correct one, but this is not necessarily true.

There is a wide variety of meanings associated with eight-pointed stars, also known as Octagrams. Among them are Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Judeo-Christianity, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Wiccan cultures.

8 pointed star tattoo allow us to see beyond the material world and explore spiritual values. Philosopher of myths

Heavens are universally regarded as symbols of the soul, which is represented by stars.  These concepts are common across most cultures; however, each culture interprets symbolism differently.

So, What Does the Eight Point Star Tattoo Mean?

In addition to protecting against evil spirits, black magic, and negative forces, the 8-point star tattoo can also repel.  It is also the symbol of truth (justice), eternity, spiritual power, and loyalty.

A star is generally a symbol of protection from evil, summoning happiness in oriental rugs. As Salomon’s star or Mohammed’s jewel, an eight-pointed star may also represent some kind of spiritual revelation in some cultures.


In other cultures, it is a symbol of heaven on earth; it represents the creation of new life through destruction.

Tattoos with 8 points are also associated with wisdom, divinity, and spirituality.  This is evident in the many religions that use it as part of their iconography, such as Sikhism, Judaism, and Hinduism.

The eightfold path represents the way to escape suffering and break free of worldly attachments. Intention, mindfulness, concentration, views, actions, efforts, livelihood, and speech are all examples of right action.

Is There a Connection Between the Location of This Tattoo and Its Meaning?

On the side of the body, an 8-pointed star tattoo symbolizes good health.  A star tattoo on one shoulder signifies power or authority; while a star on the other shoulder symbolizes power in business and careers.

A tattoo of an eight-pointed star on the back is sometimes associated with spiritual wealth or magic knowledge.  A star tattoo at the top of one’s foot signifies quick, unexpected money.

Can You Tell Me What the Significance of This Tattoo Is Based on Its Color?

Another significant aspect of the 8-point star tattoo design is the star’s color significance.  This relationship can be found in many cultures and religions that use the eight-pointed star in their iconography.

Often, the meaning of an 8-point star tattoo is associated with good luck, while the meaning of an 8-point star tattoo in blue or red may be associated with spiritual and physical harmony.

Tattoo meanings for gray 8-pointed stars are associated with transitions in life.

8 Point Star Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

There are many meanings to an 8-point star tattoo, depending on the design and the person’s religion.

Hinduism’s goddess of beauty Lakshmi, for example, can be represented by its eight emanations. So if you are looking for a tattoo to enhance your beauty, it would be a good choice.

As a Buddhist dharma wheel represents the Noble Eightfold Path, the star may resemble a wheel.

Christian tattoos represent new life, redemption, and salvation with an 8-point star.

Alternatively, it would also make a great Wiccan tattoo, since the symbol represents the eight sabbats, the Wiccan festivals.

It’s time to wrap up our post on the octagram, the eight-pointed star, its meaning, origins, and tattoo ideas. Here are our articles on the 7-pointed star and the Merkaba star if you enjoyed reading this article.

Design Ideas and Images for Star Tattoos

For your understanding, here are the best star tattoo designs for men and women.

Star Tattoo on the neck

It looks like a bright galaxy where stars rain from a stream of stars, some big, some small. There is something magical and beautiful about the overall look of girls. Make the stars more vibrant by coloring them instead of keeping them black and straightforward!

Star Tattoos on the Waist

You can make stars even more beautiful by adding embellishments such as spiral patterns. Your waist or lower back would look great inked with these tattoo designs. Black and different colors look great with all designs.

Stars With Words Tattoo Art on Hand

have 8 pointed star tattoo an ethereal air about them. They are magical and otherworldly. Unlike our sun, the twinkling stars in the sky are much further away than ours. In the olden days, however, people didn’t have such knowledge and fabricated fantastic tales about the stars. It seems that the fantasies about the stars haven’t gone away over the years. We are still unable to reach them, spreading into the unknown, giving them their precious enigma. Thus, in some words, the best embellishments are stars.

Stars Tattoo in Infinite Shape

It is only their light that reaches us through the infinite, as the stars lie beyond our grasp. The stars themselves are thus a perfect representation of the infinite. In this way, moon and star tattoos shaped in the infinite symbol are both beautiful and meaningful. This 8 pointed star tattoo is one of the easiest and best for girls.

Tattoo Design With a Big Heart and Small Stars

Tattoos are most commonly embellished with stars and hearts. It is indeed lovely to view a design with just hearts and stars, even if they are not significant.

Wrist Star Tattoo With Spirals

The star tattoo design on the wrist has a more abstract tribal appearance. As a result of the additional spirals and curls within the star, it appears to be an archaic symbol. With meticulous shading and the right color, you can achieve that look.

Nautical Star Tattoo

stars nautical are star-like shapes that compile features. Those who love the sea and are avid sailors will enjoy this design. It is the same enigma that arises from the unknown that is shared by the sea and the stars.

Cute Moon and Stars Tattoo Design

There must be a moon where the stars are! A cartoonist with an adorable expression and bright yellow stars surrounding him would be encircled by cute stars and the moon’s design. Also, you can do it the other way around and make the stars bigger with expressions on their faces!

Small Star Tattoos on Foot

Most small star tattoo designs are inke on the inside of the wrist, on the ankle, or on the foot. Because it is small, it looks best on the above-mentioned parts of the body. With its black and simple tattoo look, it adds a touch of rebelliousness to your outfit.

Winged Star Tattoos

There is a story yet to be told about a star with magnificent wings on either side. If you opt for a tattoo idea such as this, then you bring out your mystical side. An ideal place for the tattoo is usually on the forearm or the back shoulder. You can always add life to these star tattoo designs for girls by incorporating colors, like the tattoo design shown here.

Shooting Star Tattoos on Foot

It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to star tattoos for women. With a racing flag flying gallantly behind the shooting star tattoo, you can embody the racer in you. Your never-ending love of racing can be seen on a ripped bicep with a racing flag tattoo. Put a little color around this tattoo to spice things up and make it stand out.

3D Triple Embedded Star Tattoo

There is no set meaning for a star tattoo, and while some may believe in one concept, others may believe in something completely different. In this tattoo, three stars cover the chest area in a 3D texture, evoking a more rough yet ethereal feel. You feel more grounded and present with this tattoo because of its earthy feeling. Guys who love the sky and stars will love this star tattoo. There are few better star tattoos for men than this one.

Simple Deep Border Tribal Star Tattoo

This tattoo exemplifies the true meaning of simple yet empowering star tattoo designs. There are strong borders around this tribal star tattoo, symbolizing your strength. It is a simple yet empowering tattoo, as the borders represent your strength. If you’re looking for your first tattoo, this is a perfect choice.

Birds and Stars Tattoos

Once again, we use nature as a symbol of peace, the birds and the stars illuminating the wonders nature can offer us. As the prominent star gives way to a few wayward celebrities here and there, a perfect starry night is create by the two sporty birds having fun and frolicking. The scene depicts tranquility at night, which is ideal for nocturnal scenes

3D Star Tattoo Design

If you have a tattoo artist who can pull off this awesome 3D tattoo design, you’ll be in for a real treat. Your tattoo shows people that you mean what you say and feel and that all your ideas are embedde deep within yourself. Intricate designs are combine with simplicity in this tattoo.

Star Tattoo on the Shoulder

Butterfly and Star Tattoos

Behind the Ear Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo on Arm

Star Tattoo On Hand

Lakshmi’s Eight-Pointed Star Tattoo in Hinduism

Lakshmi, one of the main female deities in Hinduism, represents prosperity, beauty, love, fortune, joy, and wealth through a symbol known as the Star of Lakshmi.

Ashtalakshmi/Ashta Lakshmi represents the eight secondary manifestations/powers of Lakshmi (which translates as ‘the Eightfold Lakshmi’).

Emanating means originating from, flowing from.

As represented by the eight-pointed star, Lakshmi’s eight emanations are family, health, nourishment, material wealth, endless prosperity, patience, victory, knowledge, and transport ability.

Buddhism, the Eightfold Path, and the Dharma Wheel Tattoo

The eight-spoked Dharma wheel is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism.

The eightfold path represents the way to escape suffering and break free of worldly attachments. Among them are right intention, right mindfulness, right concentration, right view, right action, right effort, right livelihood, and right speech.

Dharma Wheel Illustration by Natalia Andreychenko

Eight-Pointed Star Tattoo in Ancient China

According to ancient Chinese belief, Heaven had eight parts, and Sky God/Emperor Taiyi ruled them from a palace in the center of Heaven. There was a belief that this palace was built around an octagonal axis.

As a whole, octagons represent the universe and life.

The star of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess.

In ancient Babylonian religion, Ishtar, also known as Inanna, was represente by the Star of Ishtar, a symbol of her importance.

A Star of Ishtar, also known as an 8-pointed star, created by Tata Donetsk

Throughout history, Ishtar has been associate with Venus and Aphrodite, goddesses of rebirth, war, fertility, sexuality, and lust.

During the 20th century, Iraq used the Star of Ishtar several times along with the lion.

The 8-Pointed Star Tattoo in Islam

In Islamic tradition, eight-pointed stars are very common along with 5- and 6-pointed stars.

Some people say this geometric shape was inspire by the Seal of Solomon in Judaism. It is also calle khatim-sulayman and khatam (and mentioned in the Quran in that way).

In addition, the eight points of the star may represent the eight angels who will surround Allah’s throne on Judgment Day.

A Rub-el-Hizb is a diagram that is compose of two overlapping squares centered on a circle used for memorizing and reciting the Quran.

Rawpixel’s Octagram as a floor tile

Christian Symbolism and the Eight-Pointed Star Tattoo

There are several reasons why the number eight is important to Christianity. According to the New Testament, circumcision is the Jewish equivalent of baptism. At eight days old, Jesus was circumcise and named (as a Jew).

As well as representing the act of baptism in Christianity, the eight-pointed star is also known as the Star of Redemption, or sometimes Regeneration. Many baptismal fonts are built with octagonal bases because of this reason.

On the eighth day of Isaac’s life, Abraham circumcised his son Isaac at the command of God. On the eighth day of a child’s life, circumcision is a Jewish tradition that ensures the child enters into God’s Covenant.

It is generally thought that the number eight symbolizes salvation, redemption, and new beginnings. In the Old Testament, the ark of Noah was said to have carried eight people.

Native Americans and the Hope Symbol Tattoo

An eight-pointed star with two circles surrounding it is a Native American symbol of hope and guidance.

By Perapadia Y. Octagram, the 8-pointed star symbol

Among other Native American symbols, the outer circle represents protection, while the points of the star represent the solstices and equinoxes and the four cardinal points.

Also worth mentioning is the astrological symbolism behind the 8-point star; it represents the four cardinal points, solstices, and equinoxes in astrology.

Wiccan Wheel of the Year Tattoo

As a symbol of their annual cycle of festivals/holidays, Wiccans use an eight-pointed star or a circle with eight spokes.

An Imbolc/Imbolg, an Ostara, a Beltane, a litha, a Lughnasadh, a Mabon, a Samhain, and a yule point each represent a different major holiday called a Sabbat.

8-pointed Star in Wicca

The Chaos Star Tattoo

A modern variation on the eight-pointed star, the chaos star is also calle the Chaos Cross, Symbol of Eight, or Star of Discord.

This symbol represents chaos and possibilities of any kind/any direction and was create by science-fiction and fantasy writer Michael Moorcock.

Currently use in some occult practices, the chaos star has made its way into pop culture and is use in RPGs such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.


Choosing star tattoos is often the best option for those who are just starting out and want to convey a sense of meaning through their tattoo art. There is a meaning behind each tattoo, something that can be related to by all.


What does an 8-point star tattoo mean?

– ranking thief
The clavicles of high-ranking thieves are adorne with eight-pointed stars. Those pickpockets who sided with the authorities were often force to wear a bow tie on their necks.

What does a pointed star tattoo mean?

A nautical star may symbolize protection, guidance, and good luck, or metaphorically represent finding one’s way home when lost in life or travel. In the 1950s, some lesbians wore a blue five-pointed star tattooed on their wrist, a location covered by a watch.

What is the 8-pointed star in Hinduism?

This version resembles/is interchangeable with the Hindu Star of Lakshmi (which represents Ashtalakshmi (Sanskrit: Aṣṭalakṣmi, lit. The goddess Lakshmi represents eight forms of wealth).

What does a point star symbolize?

Its meaning has varied wildly over time. There have been many meanings associate with it, including protection, perfection, the Devil, and humanity.