Tattoo Laugh Now Cry Later Meaning-Ideas and All Types

tattoo laugh now cry later

You can show the world you’re not afraid to face your fears with Laugh Now, Cry Later tattoos. There will always be bad times, but you’ll always get through them.

They can also serve as a reminder to enjoy life and have fun since you never know what will happen.

No matter why you get a laugh now cry later tattoo, they are sure to turn heads. It takes a lot of skill to create these intricate, detailed tattoos. You should be prepared for a long healing process if you get one of these tattoos. Make sure you give yourself enough time before your big event to heal these tattoos properly.

What Does the Laughing and Crying Mask Mean?

There is a belief that the laughing and crying mask represents the duality of human nature. According to legend, the mask represents the light and dark sides of our personalities, with tears resembling sorrow and laughter resembling happiness.

Many people believe that the mask represents happiness and sadness, the two most basic emotions. The laughing and crying mask is a powerful symbol for expressing human emotion that has been used for centuries regardless of interpretation.

How Does the Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Mean?

A laugh now cry later tattoo can have different meanings for different people. In some cases, it may simply serve as a reminder to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. Others may find it a more serious reminder that life is short and should not be taken for granted.

Who Created the Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo?

It is unclear who created the laugh Now cry Later tattoo. The tattoo is believed to have been created by a Mexican gang member in the 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s, tattoos became popular in the United States. Millennials are now more likely to get this tattoo. It is common for people to get tattoos to express their sense of humor and light-heartedness.

Life’s ups and downs are represented by Laugh Now, Cry Later tattoos. In general, they mean that we need to enjoy life while we can because hardships will eventually come. Those who have gone through hard times will appreciate this tattoo, as it reminds them that they will overcome and still find happiness.

Laugh now, cry later tattoos can also remind us to live in the present. In other words, we shouldn’t ignore our problems but rather enjoy the good times while they last. It’s important to savor the happy times while we still have them.

Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Skulls

Look no further than the laugh now cry later skull if you’re looking for a tattoo that makes a bold statement. For those who aren’t afraid to face life’s challenges head-on, this iconic design is perfect.

The They laugh now cry later skull is often used as a symbol of resilience, and it can remind you to keep fighting even when things get tough. There are many different ways to adapt the design, so you can choose the one that best reflects your personality.

If you are getting your first tattoo or simply looking for an upgrade, the laugh now cry later a skull is a great option that never goes out of style. If you’re ready to take on the world, this tattoo is for you.

Check out the laugh now, cry later tattoos below for some inspiration. These are some of the best examples of this type of tattoo. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you since they come in all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at these designs that are suitable for both men and women

All Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Ideas

Leg Tattoo Design With a Vivid Smile Now Cry Later

The underlying message of this vivid tattoo depicts the sorrow and longing of human lives afflicted by problems. A lonely man’s desire for love and affection is evident in this song.

Tattoo Design on Leg – Colorful Smile Now Cry Later

The tattoo reminds me of Raj Kumar’s best performance in the classic movie “Mera Naam Joker”. Every one of us possesses a dual nature of innocence and devilish nature. It is inevitable that the devil will emerge from inside an innocent person if he or she loses patience.

An Aesthetic Smile Now and Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Hand

Rose flowers are beautiful to look at, but they do contain thorns, as this tattoo symbolizes. There can be a sweet side to a person, but there can also be a wild side to him or her.

Hand Tattoo Design of Two Twins Smiling Now and Crying Later

It seems this tattoo speaks volumes. There is a connection between tragedy and comedy in these twin faces.

A Creative Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design for the Arm

This creative smile now cries later tattoo on the arm looks beautiful and is embedded with a deep lesson in life.

Forearm Tattoo Design With Bold Smile Now Cry Later

There is something so soulful about this smile now cry later tattoo on the forearm. Your hidden self is reflected in it like a mirror.

A Stylish Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Side of the Neck

You can flaunt this tattoo on your neck if you’re a tattoo lover. It looks cool and fashionable.

Tattoo Design on Fists: Expressive Smile Now Cry Later

Do not hesitate to try this loud and expressive smile now cry later tattoo on your both fists if you are an introvert. It depicts two faces of a clown, symbolizing the fact that a clown might seem funny and make you laugh, but that clown can also cause pain. Despite this, he chose to hide his feelings and project a happy face. The tattoo also emphasizes the importance of one’s own profession. Despite our sadness, we can’t say no to our work or occupation. Life has to move on.

Tattoo Design on Hip – Smile Now Cry Later

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s really sexy to have a tattoo on the hip. There is almost a sense that this is an art piece with a powerful message.

The Spooky Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Hand

There is something haunting about this smile now and cry later tattoo. There are times when we are very much in pain for personal reasons, but we are unable to express our feelings to others. A tattoo like this can be carved on the palm as a reminder of some dreadful past event just to remind us to keep going. The dark phase of every person’s life must eventually pass, so one must never give up.

On the Neck Is a Simple Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design

It can be used as a symbol of a romantic relationship. Love relationships are not easy to maintain. Most of the time, it is filled with laughter, heartbreak, tears, and contentment.

On the Neck Is a Simple Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design

It is a warning to beware of people who are double-faced.

The Iconic Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Forearm

This tattoo symbolizes a love-hate relationship. We often find that people we have a very close relationship with betray us.

Tattoo Design on Thigh With Rosy Smile Now Cry Later

There are many people who want to forget their bad days, but the truth is those bad days are our best teachers. The smile now cries later tattoo on the thigh symbolizes diverse moments in life.

On the Arm Is a Tattoo Design of a Cloudy Smile Now Crying Later

A tattoo with the words smile now cry later conveys the message that the bearer should remember to smile now while remembering the happy times he shared with the now deceased.

Tattoo Design on Leg That Says Smile Now Cry Later

Do you like butterflies? This sweet tattoo on your leg contains happy and sad faces if that’s the case. Butterflies symbolize freedom and restraint.

The Scary Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Hand

The person who speaks less should not be taken lightly. Due to their acquired knowledge and experience, their silence can speak volumes. This tattoo depicts two different faces with opposing facial expressions, and if we mess with them, they may come out like a thunderclap.

Tattoo Design on Forearm: Sweet Smile Now Cry Later

This tattoo tells the story of a girl who cried her heart out and achieved mental peace.

An Amazing Smile Now Cry Later Tattoo Design for the Arm

A tattoo that depicts two different emotions can be a good choice for your arm. Those who have seen suffering in every phase of their lives are ultimately rewarded with success and peace. A new beginning and happiness are symbolized by the blooming flowers in the tattoo.

A Mysterious Smile Now and Cry Later Tattoo Design on the Hand

We can become slaves to our own emotions and feelings when we have this tattoo on our hands.


Choose a design that has personal meaning to you if you’re thinking about getting a laugh now, cry later tattoo. The tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life, so it should be something you’re proud of. To find the perfect tattoo for you, talk to your artist about what you want the tattoo to represent.


Can you tell me what laughing now and crying later means for Chicanos?

Smile now, cry later tattoos.

The phrase is often used to describe hiding weakness or tears in prison until you’re released. Tattoos depicting two faces, one laughing and one crying, are popular among Chicanos who belong to gangs.

What are tear tattoos symbolic of?

Teardrop tattoos are small tattoos in the shape of teardrops near one or both eyes. It is closely associated with gang and prison culture, where it often signifies incarceration, humiliation, or murder. Such a tattoo may represent sorrow or loss to others.

How did laugh now cry later come about?

When Freddy Negrete was 18 and serving time in a juvenile detention facility, he saw the Greek masks of comedy and tragedy paired with the catchphrase, “Smile Now, Cry Later.” Negrete was incarcerated for a gang-related shooting in 1974 as a member of San Gabriel’s La Sangra gang.

What is the structure of the last laugh?

There are three stanzas in ‘The Last Laugh,’ each following roughly the same pattern. The soldier falls and dies in each stanza, uttering an invocation (to Jesus; his parents; his beloved, or sweetheart). Each time a man dies, the weapons of war make sounds that mock him as he dies.