Tattoo of a Broken Heart-Ideas and All Types

Tattoo of a Broken Heart

Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas To Tell Your Sad Love Story

If you want to tell the world about heartbreak, we collected meaningful broken heart tattoos for the skin. Find inspiration for trendy designs and ideas by checking them out.

We’ve all been there! We all lose someone close to us at least once in our lives. It could be a friend or someone you love, or even a pet you adore. The feeling of heartbreak is well remembered. It’s the sadness and emptiness in the soul, the anxiety and depression that follow the loss. 

We are fortunate that we know how to overcome this life obstacle and express our feelings. You can get a broken heart tattoo on your skin. A clear message is conveyed through this design: life goes on regardless of what happens. 

As always, we provide you with many trendy ideas for broken heart tattoos in the article.

Tattoo of a Broken Heart

Putting a broken heart tattoo on your skin is a great idea. For expressing feelings, it is a multicultural and universal item. The fact is that many people describe love pain similarly. Heartache is part of the survival instinct. By doing so, we gain experience and protect ourselves in the future. 

Here are a few reasons to get a broken heart tattoo: 

  1. It is a symbol of your strength to overcome emotional problems. 
  2. It shows people that not all love stories end happily. You must cherish love, as it is a very fragile constant.
  3. Love that goes unrequited can be a sign of unrequited love.
  4. Everyone can understand the broken heart tattoo.
  5. It shows you as someone who knows how to give and receive love.
  6. This is a reminder of past experiences and advice for the future.
  7. The power of love is symbolized by a broken heart. Love is solid, so you’ll never forget it despite the pain.
  8. A broken heart tattoo suits both men and women.

The Best Placement for Tattoo

It depends on its purpose. The location will be more hidden if it is an intimate story. Choose the area behind the ear, the back of the neck, the side of the chest, the feet, or the thigh. In order to express your feelings to the world, you should place the broken heart tattoo in an outstanding location. In this case, you can choose your shoulder, forearm, wrist, chest, hands, or even face. 

Details to Use in Broken Heart Design

There is more to a broken heart tattoo than just two red half hearts. This drawing can be decorated in many ways. An artsy micro realistic tattoo can be designed with the subject. For a grungier look, you can add the following details:

1. Tears

2. Blood

3. Pin

4. Knife

5. Roses with thorns

6. Chain

7. Barbed wire

Broken heart tattoo details can have specific meanings for you or they can just be beautiful elements for a perfect tattoo design.

Ideas for Inspiration

There is a deep meaning to the broken heart tattoo, as well as an unusual stylization. The best designs have been gathered for you to choose from, so you can get inked with your favorite.

Broken Glass Tattoo

Love is fragile. It will break into tiny pieces if you don’t protect and guard it, making renovations difficult. In black ink, the broken glass heart looks perfect. Glass pieces can also be used to outline a heart. Adding some inscriptions to this design would make it even better.

Broken Heart With a Face tattoo

There is something very original and story-driven about this broken heart design. Adding two kissing faces in a heart shape can be done with a face, pantomime masks, or just a silhouette. It is a good idea for men to get a broken heart tattoo with a look.


The tattoo will have a deeper meaning if some inscriptions are added to the broken heart image. You have the opportunity to express your feelings clearly. Quotes can cross or divide the heart. The font depends on the style. The smaller the inscription, the more elegant and fashionable it will appear. 

Sword in Heart Tattoo

During heartbreak, the sward in the heart design is the perfect way to describe the pain you feel. There is no doubt that it is a classic depiction of the broken heart tattoo. This tattoo is usually in color and has a more traditional style. A watercolor style will add a bit of modernity.

Broken Skate Tattoo

Breaking up with your first love is always the most painful, and you’ll never forget it. Teenage love is perfectly represented by a broken skate tattoo. It can be black and white or colored. Letters and abbreviations can be added. In 3D or cartoon style, a broken skateboard tattoo looks great. Furthermore, the best placement is on the arm, shin, and ankle.

Anatomic Design tattoo

Anatomical design grows. Tattoos are no longer just for nerds. People are attracted to the realistic image and want to have it on their skin. When a talented tattoo artist creates a broken anatomic heart, it looks impressive. Additionally, blood drops make it symbolic.

Heart With Band-Aid tattoo

When we have some injuries, we often wear bandages. Putting a Band-Aid on a broken heart can mean that you are healing your soul. There are many ideas for this combination. However, we have prepared the most popular ones. To make your broken heart tattoo more dramatic, you can match the bandage, thread, and pin.

Minimalistic Design

If you prefer laconic designs without details, a minimalistic broken heart tattoo might be a good choice. Since the drawing is small and straightforward, red ink is a great option. Hands look good with a minimalistic broken heart.

Traditional Broken Heart tattoo

Broken heart tattoos are characterize by bold lines and bright colors like red and yellow. Traditional elements can also be added, such as flowers, leaves, arrows, drops, etc. 

Stitched Heart Tattoo

Stitched broken heart tattoos symbolize that you have recovered from the breakup and are ready to move forward in life. You can depict the thread or stripe in 3D or make it look like a thread or stripe. This tattoo looks great on the chest, shoulder, or leg.

Love Hurts Design tattoo

A broken heart tattoo paired with this quote is the perfect combination to describe heartbreak. In combination with flowers and stripes, it looks great.

Heart of Small Pieces tattoo

This broken heart design is original. Delicate lines of small pieces look artsy. The color transition from black to red has been propose. It is also possible to design in black and white.

Skeleton in Heart Design tattoo

As the heart is the center of the body, adding a skeletal element will be appropriate. The design will look great regardless of whether you use black or colored ink. For a brief look, the first option is best.

(At least for women) crying is the easiest way to express sadness and emotional fall down. Tears can be added to your heartbroken tattoo to show this. For a better expression of a tattoo’s mood, you can add crying eyes to the heart.


There you have it – the best broken heart tattoo designs. In order to depict classical drawings in a modern way, we gathered the most trendy ideas for you. You now know what this tattoo means and where it should be place. So don’t waste time anymore! Get your first broken heart tattoo. 


What does a broken heart tattoo stand for?

The meaning behind a broken heart tattoo is really deep and emotional. First and foremost, it conveys your heartbreak and sadness. Secondly, it can also represent that you will not trust just anyone.

What does a broken heart tattoo mean on the face?

A broken heart tattoo beneath the eye is also popular among men and women, usually to symbolize the loss of a loved one or the end of a significant relationship.

Which tattoo symbolizes pain?

People often ink semicolons on their wrists to remind them to stay strong whenever they look at them. It’s a gentle reminder of how far you’ve come.

What does a black broken heart tattoo mean?

Black heart tattoos are commonly associate with death and symbolize a sad loss for the person wearing them. Grief can be expresse for the loss of a relative, the end of a relationship, or for the memory of a tragic event.

What color is a broken heart?

Blue with a purple undertone, Heartbroken is amid-tonee blue. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear like the color of new blue jeans. Consider how this color would look in your own home.

What is the meaning of a black heart?

You may be feeling emo, have a dark, twisted soul, or have a morbid sense of humor. More seriously, the emoji is increasingly use to express support for the Black Lives Matter movement